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Gillybenz quoted straight from the book - 6.35 qts. Pour in 6 quarts; then pour in 11 additional ounces from the 7th quart(that's the .35).

To each his own, but I sure wouldn't use a Fram oil filter on a Benz. The drain back valve on these filters is questionable and I wonder if the burst pressure is equivalent to an OEM filter. I pulled one off an '87 Accord a few years ago that had been mounted to a well-maintained motor(mine). The oil and filter had 1000 miles on it. I sawed the filter open and found what looked like thick mud. There was no resemblance to what once was paper filtering. There are alot of horror stories on the WEB about Fram oil filters. I believe them. The only reason(I think) that they are still alive is Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart quit selling them, they'd fold.

Here are the names/filter numbers for OEM MB oil filters for an M103 SOHC engine:

Dealer filter - 102-184-01-01
Mahle-Knecht - OC-110
Mann - W719/13
Hengst - H14W06
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