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After two years of sitting in storage, I need to flush out the fuel tank on my BMW 745i. I removed the pre-pump and saw how old and brown the gas in there is and noticed alot of rust and scale in there. Didn't notice any leaks though (whew!). Anyhow, I'm wondering what the best method of flushing/re-coating the tank would be and if re-coating it is even necessary since it's not leaking. I had a friend who had a tank flushed and bronze lined by a local radiator shop last summer and so far, so good. Another friend told me to use a product made by Bill Hirsch and do it myself. If the tank isn't leaking, is there any sense in re-coating it or would a thorough flushing do? Obiously, I'm going to change all the fuel filters as soon as I have the "new" tank back in. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always!

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