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16V pressure gauge readings - odd?

My 86 2.3-16 has the following oil pressure reading when I start the car:

Oil meter reading 1.0 bar even when car has not been started. Key in position #2.

At all off position - reading is zero- this is normal.

At idle and any engine speed, oil pressure reading is full at 3.0 bar. It does not move around at all except when I shut off the engine, it goes to zero again.

I think this is odd as my dad's W124 260E has zero reading at any key positions prior to start. When started, oil press rises to 3.0 bar and drops to approx 0.5 or 1 bar. As engine speed increases so does the oil press gauge.

So what is wrong with my car? I think something is broken. Could it be an old meter cluster problem? any one share the same problems?


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