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Thanks for all the info everybody. The dealership said the first thing they checked was the OVP, even put a new one in right off to see if that was it. There reasoning for thinking it's the HFM is this...the guy says he's getting power to the HFM, but mixed power coming out of it. So that means the ignition is telling the starter to start, it's telling the HFM to start, but the signal from the HFM to the fuel system is not getting through? They did say they would put the HFM in and if it doesn't fix the problem they'll take it back out.

What suggestions do ya'll have? It seems insane to me that a car showing no signs of any electrical problems could just up and not start one day as a result of the central computer all of a sudden croaking. Kind of like somebody just up and getting alzheimer's one day with no prior signs or gradual regressions.

Further, would a bad HFM cause the car to just shut off while driving and then not start like this one did?
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