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Originally Posted by ubertino View Post
Before throwing more money and time at my 82 300td with (maybe) 170,000 miles.

Compression, without updated valve lash and probably a bad injector

1. 240
2. 240
3. 230
4. 240
5. 240

The injection shop that tested it said that a valve adjustment and rebuilt/new injectors will help those numbers.

Is it worth it? The body is not in terrible shape, but the transmission isn't to happy with the world (vacuum issues, and probably needs new springs to).

To save or not to save this car?
If that is psi you are on the low end of the compression scale and unless something happened to an Engine with 170,000 miles. In My opinion is that your compression should be higher for that milage.

A valve adjustment has been know to increase the Engine Compression.
New Injectors are not going to make you compression test better.
While the Valve Cover is off you coulc check your Camshaft timing by lining up the marks and looking at the degrees pointed to on the Crankshaft Damper.

It might be you have sticking Piston Rings. Soaking the Cylinders in Marvel Mystery Oil or some other stuff might help. People have said switching to Synthetic Motor Oil and driving 200-300 miles will also free up the Piston Rings.
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