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And in the end.....

After a few months of use, a stress cracked formed right where it had been with the original in the casting. I knew in advance what had caused the original crack (manifold bolt hole spacing was too close, so I filed out some material and it fit fine.

However, I could have included a thin piece of metal screen over the crack when I used the POR-15 material. But I didn't

Decided that if I was going to pull the manifold for the 4th time (first was to weld, second was Fireseal, third was refireseal 'cause I didn't follow instruction) that I might as well install a new manifold. Fit like a charm. Original must have been bad workmanship by the OEM.

The second batch of Fireseal was impressive. I would not hesitate to use it and should I have to use it in an area where there is stress, I would certainly use the recommended metal screen. FOLLOW THE direcitons. My first mistake was to think I could add more material after the first dry. Not so. This stuff has to heat cure (not dry).

Best of luck to all who use this stuff. I'd be glad to help where I can.
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