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Unhappy delayed shifts

Unfortunately they say its "NORMAL", so thats the sort of thing you have to cope with if you want to keep the car. They would have been more popular if they didn't have this glitch and sold a lot more cars all over the world. If they admitted a design flaw or manufacturing flaw, they would have been inundated with claims for compensation or refunds for a basically flawed car. They also had many other issues which had to be fixed like the leaking head gaskets, burnt out wiring harness, the dodgy speedo, the dodgy rev counter, the dash lights that burn out so quickly, the aircon/heating problems and so on and so forth. I still want to keep my Benz only for the style of driving one, people look at you and wonder!!! He's rich, maybe a drug dealer or a vice king!!! The build quality is much better than so many other brands and you feel really safe driving one. Thats my lot anyway. Today its going in for a check on the rearheadrest jamming, the vacuum buzzing sound, the lack of power, muffler too noisy and pinging.
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