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Easy entry intermittent

I had a similar problem with my '01 C320. The feature would work about 20% of the time even after repeatedly reprogramming it. After replacing some "module" or other under warranty, it now works about 90% of the time and I'm living with it. I plan to bring up the subject at the upcoming B service and see if there are any improved control units available. One last thing, in the sedans, if the seat is already behind the B post, even if it isn't all the way back, the seat wont go back further even though the column rises. The coupe, having longer doors, may not be subject to this quirk.

I have found that the car can become electronically confused if things do not occur in the order that it expects. I've had a few little episodes with it that were, to put it mildly, disturbing, and in two cases, damned dangerous.

I plan to have s serious discussion with the MBUSA rep over the last two since the dealer just gives his patented shrug and blank look.

Roger E.
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