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Angry tail/brake/reverse light fiasco on w201 help

ok i have recently(two days ago ) purchased a 1988 190 e 2.3 . upon getting it home i discovered that the only lights that were working on the rear wer the brake lights (i think)the two closest to the tag .and they stay on whenever the ign. is on. as i pulled the tail light assembly out of the casing in the trunk i was shocked to see that those are the only two lights that have bulbs .

So question a. could the brake lights staying on problem be due to the no bulb problem ?brake light switch ?? the brake lights (including the third brake light) stay on unless the key is either off or in acc position.

And question b. can any body tell me which rear lights do what ? (i.e. looking at the passenger side tail light assembly from right to left the first one is the turn signal im sure.. and the clear one is the back up but what are the rest of those bulbs for ?)i only have two single filament bulbs . shouldnt there be some with two filaments?

And question c . i see the wattage for each bulb printed on the assembly but no part no . bulbs are sold by part no. does any body know what type of bulbs to look for in each location. and while im
typing if you know the bulb that goes to the vanity mirror lights on the visors that would be helpful too

thanks in advance for all your help .

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