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deteriation of post

Looks as though this post has deteriated to a "Why doesn't my really really expensive Mercedes Benz drive as well as, or perform as reliably as my other really old cheap car?"

No arguement from me: I have, as you can see from my signature a bunch of old, beat down, used up cars. Day before Thanksgiving I wake up with what I think is tonsil-itus. It's 3:00am, I am in pain with high fever and desperate to get to the hospital. It snowed three inches and I jump into my benz. I get about 200 yards before I realize this car is useless in the snow. I turn around, get home and jump into my 1989 Nissan, turn the key and carve through the snow as if I was a snow plow.

Next morning I need to run to the store. Streets still snow covered, I jump into my 1987 Nissan, turn the key and five minutes later I am at the store.

I spent over $10,000 on my first and current Benz, 1992300e with 99,000 miles at purchase. So far I've done the following: Passenger side ball joint, both control rods, idler arm bushing, front springs and struts, recharged the AC, complete tune up, top timing chain cover seal, etc. Too do: leather pulling up on console, two paint spots need repair caused by dented trim.

I spent $25 dollars on my 1987 nissan, I've done the following: reset check engine light. AC is still ice cold, everything works and I get about 35 miles per gallon.

The Benz, along with my other vehicles are owned free and clear and I have committed to getting as many miles out of the car as possible.

It's been a great learning experience, will I buy another Benz? I can't think of a good reason why.

Keep the faith and enjoy the car you have.

Happy Holliday,
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