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Hope this isn't one of those "intermittemt" electrical gremlins....anyway on my 89 190 E 2.6 about every three weeks or so the number 9 position in the fusebox which runs the rear mounted brake light, water temp and oil pressure guages just stops working...BUT when I check the actual fuse itself the fuse is not blown! Just to be sure I've replaced the fuse with a new one and all is well for about 3 weeks and then......zap! Happened tonight as I was driving home from the U-571 movie (referring to the German sub one of the characters has a great line.....they (Germans) sure know how to build 'em..". Anyone have any ideas on this? I've even cleaned the contacts with tuner cleaner and an eraser on the end of a pencil. Thanks for the input.

Dave Browning
89 190 E 2.6
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