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Question Ignition Problem On '91 300TE Wagon

The other day our 300TE Wagon started and ran fine for my wife on the way to work. After work, it would not start. It would turn over fine (not the battery) but would not start. Recently I replaced the ignition coil to resolve a ruff running problem, so I doubt it is the coil. Our '86 420 had to have the "Ignition Module" replaced a couple of years ago do to not starting and I am wondering if this is the same problem and how I can test it as it is expensive to replace. Can I put the Module from the 420 on the 300?? I browsed the parts list on for the "Ignition Module" for the 300TE but did not see it on the parts list. Does it have one and if so, what is it called technically?? Please advise. Thank You
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