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420 SEL does not start at all. Checked OVP, Cold Start Valve, replaced Check Valves

OK heres the story, car was in Texas, and it used to start fine. Then it was shipped to Alaska and has been having hard start probelms ever since. I have searched and not found an exact answer. Well up until a month ago the car would start fine in the morning, but if driven for 15 or so minutes and parked it, and then attempt to start it after an hour it would start after 3-4 turnings of the key. However it started fine if I would restsart within 15 minutes of turning it off. Then about a month ago (just before it died completely) I could start it if I kept the key in the crank position with the gas pedal pressed. Later it bacame so bad that I had to let it sit for at least 3 hours before I could start it again. The one day it died on me completely. I had it towed and out it in the garage. Of and on I attempt to start it but no luck. Cold start valve has been checked and works fine. The OVP has a 5A fuse in it and it is not blown, so I assume that works fine too. Yesterday I changed the Fuel pump check valves (both) and still no luck. I NEED HELP PLEASE!

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