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Well finally got the air cleaner situation sorted out. I've been using a gauze/oil K&N style filter for awhile on a temporary basis until I could figure out some preliminary items, like the custom catch can.

Quite awhile ago I figured out the air cleaner I wanted to use and did the major fabrication on the mounting plate.

Today I got it finished up.

The first step was to drill and tap the mounting plate to accept the clean fume output from the catch can. There wasn't much space so I had to drill at an angle to get it into the mounting plate.

When I made up the mounting plate, I had the foresight to "weld" the hose attachment to the plate off-center. This paid off big time, as I needed the offset to provide enough hood clearance, and as it turned out, enough metal to drill, tap and mount the PCV fitting from the catch can.

I was originally going to keep the housing mounts from the air cleaner but it turned out so light, that I cut off the mounting tabs and mounted it directly to the turbo inlet. The connector hose I'm using is one I picked up at the hangar yesterday at the "fly market". It's an aircraft quality plenum material that is extremely strong yet flexible. Works perfectly.

It also worked out so that I'm getting about 98% cool air from outside of the fan shroud. There is good air flow around the outside of the radiator up front, so it's about as good as it could be without actually trying to duct outside air to the air cleaner.

I'm biased, but I think it looks pretty cool, and I've now got a good paper filter and can retire the old one. I can also monitor the condition of the filter element without having to open up any filter housing.

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