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The fact that so many folks seem to be angry with MBZ is not the point I wish to make, or have made with MBZ.

It is the fact that there are two sides to this debate: is this delay shift behaviour normal, or abnormal? I have asked MBZ to tell us what is to be expected, so we can clear up our misconceptions.

I have asked MBZ to help me resolve my problem as it appears that the knowledgable and helpful members of this forum are unfamiliar with the answer to this particular problem.

I would like to resolve the problem I am having with my car, which I think is a fair request.

What I am seeking is some guidance as to how to troubleshoot my particular problem.

It appears that the symptoms I am experiencing are abnormal i.e. this happens EVEN AFTER it is warm, I accept that brighter minds than mine determined that it is better to warm up the catalytic converter, but my car's delay shift appears to be broken, that is, it seems to forget that it is already warmed up, or even hot. The design calls for it to happen until it is warm and then shift without a delay.

Once MBZ, if they ever dain to, respond, I will inform this community, and thus a learning experience for all of us.

For all those who have a problem with MBZ, take it up directly with them, and stop *****ing about the problem. If you don't like MBZ cars, why buy them? There are too many other reasonable options.

I, for one, really like mine and probably will buy another if I had the resources to do it, even though I am having some issues with this particular vehicle. This doesn't mean that all MBZ's are faulty...far from that, I have a stable of them and have enjoyed many driving hours in each, including this car.

If you are not willing to call it to the attention of the manufacturer, how do you ever think they will ever be able know about the issues.

Again, if anyone can help me troubleshoot or resolve my delay shift WHEN HOT, please help!

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