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Originally posted by ILUVMILS
Hi Bud All the MB dealers I'm familiar with (including mine)do, in fact use the MB sunroof paste in question. As far as the actual job goes, a little paste in the area where the sliding jaws glide is all it takes. With the roof open the shiny looking rails are visible from the top. Toward the front is a rectangular opening on each rail, about 14mmX6mm. Use a small acid brush that's bent to allow it to reach under the rail and simply spread the paste in from front to rear. On the older cars a little spray grease on the air deflector tension springs will greatly increase their life as well. The whole job takes about five minutes and will keep the roof working smoothly even after many years.
Very helpful! A couple of questions. On mine, there are 4 rectangular openings, two on each side. What is the relevance of these openings in terms of lubing the rails?

Also, in terms of reaching under the rails, are we lubing: a) the BOTTOM of the TOP rail; b) the TOP of the BOTTOM rail; or c) both?

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