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Just got back from thanksgiving break,
I messed with the car all day on Friday and checked all the fuel lines from the fuel distributor they all seem to be getting fuel(75psi). I checked system and c ontrol pressure again and they are respectively 75 psi and 50 psi after warm up cycle. It ran last week but was hard to start and stumbled and idled rough in D up to ~30mph after that smooth as glass except under medium to hard acceleration. It still guzzles gas. probably because I set the CO at about 3.7% to get it to idle at all.
Well, now the rest of the story on Friday after checking all fuel pressures with the Fuel pump jumpered. I get no fire form the ignition coil at all. The coil is brand new. So I look at the ballast resistors on the fire wall and noticed a crack in the blue one. Could this have been causing my problems all along and finally just gave out. My ohmmeter shows broken continuity. I remember that the car would do much better if I advance the timing quite a bit(20 degrees or more) but there was never any pinging that I normally associate with timing being to far advanced?????
Well, the resistor is on order I wait and see. Are there other suggestions maybe spark control box???

thanks for all your efforts ,
I won't give up

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