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It seems everyone is talking about diesels. I've worked on Mercedes diesels for about 25 years now and have always had great respect for a product that continued to get better.
However its my sad duty to report that the 350 diesels have finally been pushed too far. Recently a customer of mine who owns several diesels bought a 1994 S350 with about 110K on it. He quickly discovered that it was using oil at about the rate of one quart in 600 miles. Now at 125K it's gotten worse to a quart to every tank of fuel. After checking with some people in the dealership here in town I've found that this is a common occurance and that they have put multiple engines in several cars. I wonder if anyone out there has any specific knowledge of the failure and fixes with these cars. It looks like it will take about 9 to 10 thousand $ to put in a new factory short block that may not be a better part. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help
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