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Re: NewBe in the Benz world

Originally posted by Jeff N
Hello to all...
As the post states, I'm new to the Benz world and this forum. I posted this question earlier, both here, and on the "wheels & rims site. With all the activity here I was expecting someone out there would be able to give me some information. I'm surprised and disappointed that no one posted back.

I'll give it one more try. Even if no one can answer my question, if you have a suggestion as to where I might go the get an answer, that to would be appreciated.

I have a 1986 190D with orgional rims 6 J x 15 H2, wheel offset is 49mm as stated in the owners manual.

(btw: what does the "6 J" and the "H2" mean and what is the wheel offset?)

I live in Minnesota and need to deal with our snowy winter wonderland. I want to put a pair of Firestone "Blizaks" (winter only) on a second set of rims, and just swap rims/tires in the winter. Ive found a set of chrome 15" rims from an 300E, was told by the 3rd party seller that they "should" fit models from 1985 through the 90ís model change. The offset markings are 6 1/2 Jx15H2ET48
Does anyone know if these will fit on my 190D

Thanks for the help

Jeff N
A couple comments, Jeff:

1. You don't really want to put a pair of snows on. Either do all 4 or don't do any. You are asking for real trouble if you use 2 very different types of tires at the same time.

2. Have you bought your Blizzaks already? If not, check out the current Consumer Reports. They just tested snow tires. There may be better choices for you, depending on what sort of weather you see. (In my case, I'm going to get some Nokians since they tested well and I've heard NOTHING but good things from owners of them.)

3. It really helps to use a descriptive subject line. When I get busy, I will generally skip over messages that don't have a specific question in the subject line.

Good luck in your tire/wheel search!
'93 400E
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