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My answer is yes it does really make that big a difference. Maybe if you have a perfectly functioning waste gate that opens at 8-9psi, you might get some improvement. I've never heard a peep out of my turbo even with the hood popped and the engine reving. Now I can hear it loud and clear with the hood open and just a little bit if I'm driving and the radio is off. Before I could climb hills Ok but now I can really haul up 'em even better than many gas powered cars. I was really amazed and had to laugh as I pulled past people and heard 'em floor it and kick down a gear. I never thought this old car had it in it.

As for you plugging the waste gate, how did you do this? I'm not an expert compared to others on this board but as I understand it, if all was working right you were over boosting like crazy and should have felt the power increase. Maybe if you could elaborate more we could be of better assistance.

'82 300SD
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