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Squeaky seatbelt, is there a simple answer?

On my 94 C class I am presently being driven mad by the drivers seatbelt squeaking where it goes into the pillar right next to my ear. It sounds like there is a dry plastic roller in there but my examination so far, shows that the belt goes through a standard plastic coated loop. However the surface of the belt that rubs here whilst the belt is in the normal wearing position looks to be a bit polished and it only when this part of the belt is moving in and out of the loop that it squeaks. I think this is probably a common problem as a friend mine said He had the same in his C class.

Has anyone found a suitable lubricant to put on the belt surface to stop the squeak that won't damage the belt and come off all over my clothes? My initial thoughts are maybe a bit of talc or soap. Has anyone any experience of this and got any recommendations.

Any ideas much appreciated.

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