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Hey Zach,

I remember that you have a '85 300D cuz I have the same thing. It might be a good idea to tailor your profile in this tech forum so that whenever you post something, it automatically will show what kind of vehicle you have. It will allow other members to know what year and model you are asking technical questions about.

As for cleaning out the system, I use Redline Diesel Fuel Catalyst. Seems to make it run smoother, and burn cleaner.

There are other additives you can try as well. Diesel Purge from Lubro Moly. Haven't had any experience with that though. Maybe some member who has had experience will comment on it.

Just a thought.

See you in the fast lane (Turbos RULE!).

84 500SEL EURO 87K
85 300D 267K (and still goin' strong)

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