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Diesel Transmission

Hi All,
I've posted questions in the diesel forum about this, but I figured I would try the tech forum before I spend money on an un-needed tranny.
I have an 82'300d.
First, I had the tranny serviced, and a new modulator put in.
(I remember the tech saying how clean the fluid was)
About 1k later I was taking a trip from philly to baltimore, car ran great all the way, when I got to the first stop light after getting off the hiway- tranny slipped in first gear, but shifted fine thru all other gears, and has been doing that ever since. But only on hard acceleration, if I take it easy, no slip.
Is it possible for vacuum problems to cause this?(noticing problems with the locks)
I would hate to replace a trans that just needed adjustments.
Thanks for any help.

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