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If you're engine was to a point of low compression due to valve problems, you increased it's compression by doing the valve job. This in turn increased the cylinder pressure, which very well may be the cause of extra blow by past the piston rings. I hate to be negative, but I doubt that you're dealing with stuck rings.

However, there is something that wouldn't hurt to try if you do it properly. I am going to give the warning before and after the explanation. The warning is, DON'T CRANK AN ENGINE WITH LIQUID IN THE CYLINDERS, LIQUID DOES NOT COMPRESS.

What I saw done successfully years ago, was; take out the spark plugs and squirt Marvel Mystery oil in all the cylinders. Let the car sit overnight with this soaking on the top of the pistons. Before replacing the spark plugs the next morning, turn the engine over several rounds with the starter to blow out the liquid. DON'T TURN THE ENGINE OVER WITH LIQUID IN THE CYLINDERS, LIQUID DOES NOT COMPRESS.

After making the mess blowing the liquid everywhere in the engine compartment, replace the spark plugs, start the engine and warm it up.

This is something that we did successfully years ago, before catalytic converters, fuel injection and oxygen sensors. I would wait to read comments from others before trying this. It could be that Marvel Mystery Oil may not be healthy for one of these components. Or it could be that there is a better solvent for this purpose that will not be unhealthy for your engines modern components.

Even if the Marvel Mystery Oil passes approval of the pro tech's, don't put too much hope in this curing your problem.

Also, plan on changing oil after this operation.

Good luck,

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