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Originally posted by A. Rosich
Oh yes, I forgot about Canada, which almost always follows the safety guidelines imposed by the U. S.

A. Rosich
S320, 1998
E320T, 1995
In some cases, we lead the way, and others we follow. We never had mandatory passive restraints as we buckle up at something like a 90-95% rate. So no monkey-motion seatbelts for us.

The third brake light was, if memory serves, a "joint" study that was done in Canada and the US with test groups of CMHSL equipped cars. Both gov't agencies found reduced rear collisions, so we made them mandatory. Since many car makers sell in both markets, it made sense to introduce the legislation at the same time.

We didn't get rid of 5 mph bumpers like you Yanks. Still got 'em.

We have DRL's since 1990.

I don't believe airbags are mandatory, but just try selling a car without them. Of course, we may have made them mandatory by now, but for years the US made them standard, and we didn't.
John Shellenberg
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