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1987 560 SEL Hard start, electric?


I sure hope someone can help.

About 1.5 months ago my 1987 560 SEL began having problems starting. When I go to start it and it starts regularly it will start in 1 -2 seconds. One out of 8 times it wont start in any weather, warm engine or cold, etc. It seems to just do this whenever. The engine will turn over fine but I will get no starting response at all, not coughing or anything else as if the engine is not getting any gas. If I push the accelerator down to the floor the engine will start to catch and sound bad but at least begin to start. It will sputter, cough run but then will even out and most of the time, then run right. Sometimes it will act as if the timing is terribly off and idle horribly then I increase accelerator and it will rev up as if, again, the timing is way off or it is very,very flooded.

I have checked the wires, rotor, etc and all seem fine. It sure seems to me that there is some electrical circuit that either throws the timing off, stops the fuel from coming in or whatever. Also, at times the engine ( when it is started and running fine) will just , by itself, begin to idle high and sometimes smoke slightly. I dont knowe if that is related as this seems to have just started recently.

I am not a "real" mechanic but have worked on my own cars all my life. I have just recently began to work on my Mercedes. If someone could help I sure would appreciate it.


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