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Re: third brake light on rear windscreen window-c200

Originally posted by sunil190e-1.8
i have a c200-w202-1997 car.
can i fit a third brake light on the rear windscreen window?
Are the wiring and connectors already in place in the car or will i have to fit extra wires/connectors?

i know that the newer models -1998 onwards come with the third brake light as a standard fitting.

No the wires are not there. But you can tap into the left side brake light with a wire tap like I did with my euro W124. You can also buy the complete third brake light unit from the dealer or a US junkyard. On the W201 and W124 the third brake light is held down by four round clips. All you have to do is drill 4 holes in the correct place to hold the feet of the unit. A fifth hole will be needed for the wire. Get your hands on a w202 third brake light unit to see what I mean.
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