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As I said previously, there are differences in how these latches work. My 190D had one latch on the road side that you pulled out to release the hood (up or down). My 300E has the same kind of latch but on both sides. You must release the road side first and then the hood will riise slightly higher permitting you to release the curbside latch and raise the hood.

To lower the hood, you pull out only the road side latch.

There are so many of these neat features on a Mercedes that I doubt I could live with another brand. I once started making a list of things that were firsts on Mercedes products and came to the conclusion that just about anything worth while came from Mercedes. It gripes me that Mercedes has such great engineers but Toyota and others are better at marketing. Just about all of the features of the Lexus LS-430 were stolen from the Germans (mostly Mercedes).
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