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Hi jeffsr, thanks again for all the sincere help you guys are providing, there has been more fun communciating with you guys than I had with those local so called Mercedes experts around here. BTW, the car is a 86 300E with 140,000 km,it doesn't blow any blue smoke, very little blowby in the air cleaner( don't know whether it is from before the head job or not). When I had the head off, there wasn't that much of a ridge on top of the cylinder wall, that's why we didn't do the bottom at that time. No scoring on the cylinder wall according to the engine builder. Since I live in the Vancouver area, 90% of the driving is stop and go, I can feel a little bit of slight misfired in front of a red light . The sympton goes away if I go on the freeway for a little while. The spark plug's electrode are not white hot like most other car's, it has a little brown spots on them but not oil soaked. It accelerates OK, not as good as the one I test drove with 38,000 km the other day, gets stronger when it gets up speed of 30-40 mph. Gas mileage is around 18 mph, I think it is acceptable since I don't have another 103 engine to compare with. I don't expect miracle for a 140,000 km engine to perform like a 38,000 km. I will settle for a smoother idle in stop and go situation. I think my main objective now is to fix the misfired problem (oil getting on the spark plugs). The lower compression (150 psi +/- 5 psi) are lost forever due to combination of ring and wall wear. Again thanks for all the help.
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