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Hi jeffsr, I think you are more thorough than my family doctor. Sounds like you want to hear my complete struggle with this problem. It all started when I complained about the misfired in front of traffic light. Remember those so-called Mercedes expert? One of them told me the exhaust system was plugged up, therefore I replaced everything after the exhaust manifolds, Ouch! Later a Mercedes dealer told me the fuel distributor and the injectors were rusted and luckily I managed to find a rebuilt unit from Bosch, still ouch! You guessed it, it made no difference. Then another Mercedes expert with a heavy German accent told me he knew exactly what was wrong. After the camshaft, 8 out of 16 lifters and rockers, timing chain, chain guide and tensioner were replaced, with little to nil differences ( looks like he was trying to cover all possibilities with my $$$). So the only thing I can think of is the wires like you suggested. With all the new parts it is a waste to give up on the car now. BTW you mentioned I should be getting more than 18 mph, now I am beginning to think the lower compression is affecting both the power and the gas mileage as well. I will be getting some wires tomorrow, thanks again
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