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Climate control hook-up

Well, fixed the shut off trouble( thanks joe p for answering my previous post), the cause is a big leak under the dash. The green with yellow stripe tubing goes under the dash and behind the control buttons. There are five electric solenoids switching vacuum. Numbers three and four are missing the soleniod valves( The car died of a siezed motor and I think it was getting robbed for parts) What vacuum hose is hooked to which valve? There is a manifold that I think is on one side of a valve and green/yellow is on the other side( I think, so this leaves two more red with yellow stripe tubes to hook to the other valve. Is it number 3 to the green or number 4 valve to the green? I am going to the dealer Tuesday to get the two valves.
Does the green/yellow get hooked to anything else? I plugged the end under the dash and it still won't hold a vacuum when I suck on the end ov it under the hood.
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