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I am in a strange situation. I love my car - 1985 Euro with 56K original miles. Looks great, fun to drive.
However, my wife hates it! She says it is too loud (I personally think that engine makes beautiful music, but to her it is noise.) and the ride is to hard. She wants me to sell it. I would rather not.
I am thinking of changing the struts all around. The back needs it anyway - one is slowly leaking. How would the ride characteristics change?
I called Bekkers. They said that because the rear is hydrolic, there is only one grade of strut available.
On the front, there are a few grades available and he can sell be the softest grade.
After I invest almost $1000 for the 4 struts, will I see an improvement? I am not expecting and I do not want a Cadilac ride, but, since I do not go racing, I do not want a race car ride either. Any comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all
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