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Since I presume you have heard no clunking from the suspension, it seems like a torque related or driveshaft rotation issue. Odd that it only happens in reserse, which makes me think of a loose carrier bearing cage on one side.

Get the car on a lift. Have someone put it into reverse while looking up. You should immediately see whats going on.

I would be careful. If it is violent in reverse, it could be horrible in drive.


I had a friend in college who ignored a loose driveshaft at the transmission on an old Chevy. We kept warning him. It dropped right at a culvert, jammed and then rammed into the differential, tore it out, took the gas tank and a lot of his trunk with it.

He at first thought it was a rear wheel coming off because he saw one roll by his door. It was the loose spare that got launched out of the trunk. I used to have a picture of it. Talk about a violent event!

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