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Need urgent help !!!


Yesterday at the garage my low-idle(mb-300 ce) has been fixed, i thought. The idle has been set on (P) 1100rpm, and when the cars is on the good temperture the idle is on 500rpm in (D).

Here comes the problem, everytime i turn my steering-weel the idle drops aprox. 50rpm this stalls the car, even when you ajust the idle a bit higher it still keeps dropping and fluctuate.

Yesterday-evening i went for a drive and again my idle was real low, i stood still at the stoplight and when i wanted to drive and whent in a u turn my car stopt and every blocked (my steering-weel and the brakes) for 5 minutes i could not start my car (at that moment is feels like a hour).

I hope that someone can tell me where to look for fixing this problem.

Manny Thanks,
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