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reply to jetf on low power 190e

Hey thanks for responding. I've been given this old 190 but it's in great physical shape. Has about 180000miles don't know much about it's mechanical history. As I said before, it starts right up, idles smoothly, no misses, passed a california smog test, I did change the plugs with new Bosch, think platinum plugs, but when I want to pass or accelerate, I need to floor it to move, and it really doesn't move that fast, think 60 in fourth gear max. Uphill, I really have to downshift it to make it up the hill, Clutch seems fine, no slippage. Outside temp doesn't appear to make a difference. Rotor, cap and wires look good, no build up or detonation.

Wadda u think? Love the car otherwise...

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