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It is rare that only one piece of the multi link rear suspension goes bad.


Suspension Control Arm Kit

Enter: 210-350-99-99-MY

or click one of these links.

Pelican Parts - Automotive Parts and Accessories - Porsche & BMW


Six: Spacer sleeves.
Two: 210 350 33 06 upper front with 12mm bolt hole.
Two: 210 350 34 06 upper rear with 12mm bolt hole.
Two: 210 350 38 06 lower front with 12mm bolt hole.
Two: 210 350 21 53 center (one end with ball joint).
Six: short bolts.
Six: long bolts
Two: Eccentric Cam bolts.
Two: Eccentric Cam washers.
Six: Lock washers.
Six: Three arm retaining washers.
Fourteen: Nuts.

Pelican Parts - Automotive Parts and Accessories - Porsche & BMW

Chassis application:
All: W124
All: R129
All: W170
All: W201
All: W202
All: W208
All: W210

In almost every case you will need to replace the following additional parts.

Joint, x2
MB# 2203520227

Rubber mount, x2
MB# 1243511342

Rubber mount, x2
MB# 1243527765

inspect the following and replace as needed.

Rubber mount, x2
MB# 2023520165

Home-made $15 W124 rear knuckle - LCA Bushing Tool
Home Made Special Tools, This is where members can share how they made special tools

124 carrier bushing R&R

Mercedes W124 Rear Suspension Guide

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