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Precision Motor Cars is an outstanding MB dealer and I am aware of most Northern FL dealers.

Being partial, I always suggest a good independent MB specialist. There are a number of reasons for that. They include; ownership by technician rather than business/sales person, vast variety of repair options including all the factory ones, competative pricing, personal service, etc. They often have much more overall experience and continuity in the work force. While obviously the dealer techs have more training available, there is often only a small sector that has both training and experience.

All this might not apply if you buy new and trade before you are out of warrantee. For those people the value of the dealer relationship is in the power to buy right. In the years between purchases your need for good service people will be at a minimum (as the car is new) and the extra money spent on service probably will be less than that which can be saved with a repeat business relationship with that dealer.

I would definitely recommend taking all cars over ten years old to an independent as most dealer techs don't see many of those cars.

With all that in mind I know a number of good shops in Tampa. One, that has helped a number of my customers while in Tampa, is German Motorcars 813 960 2288. They are a Bosch Service Center run by a father and son. Those they have helped came back and thanked me for the recommendation.

Steve Brotherton
Owner 24 bay BSC
Bosch Master, ASE master L1
26 years MB technician

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