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I'd start by dropping front and rear one lug, especially since every 124 with rear blue springs that I've seen has 2 lug pads. That should results in a 3/8" reduction. Have you measured your ride height from the center of the wheel to the fender?

Steering improved when I changed my shocks, struts, and subframe mounts and it no longer willing to drift off a sloped interstate. For time contraints, I coud not do them separately, so I'm not sure what combination was required to make that steering improvement. My experience has been that with 0 or 260Kmi my springs have not sagged enough for me to notice.

With HD's I don't think tippy is a word that should be used to describe your car! Its possible that with the wrong ride height the shocks are not dampening like they should. Since the spring pads seem obviously too tall, I would start there. It could make a big difference in your ride.
Brian Toscano
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