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Another update!

The cruise conquest continues...

After some thought on the matter, I decided that if the speed sensor was not working, the cruise would not work at all or would work at the wrong speed if the sensor was partly working. Thus I amend the above post suggesting replacement of the speed sensor to only doing that if you have no initial cruise function at all. On a whim, I swapped in a cruise amp from a 1985 123 which is a different model number, but compatible with my system per GDL. The system operated smoothly and as I expected my rebuilt amp to operate. It seems that my rebuilt amp is not at 100% as I expected it would be. It is now on its way back to GDL for analysis. I have incurred another $17 in shipping, which miffs me to some degree, and we'll see where it takes me from here. Nobody's perfect, so I'll give them another chance without any hassle. However, my expectations are high for try #2. Amp is scheduled to arrive there Friday and I will post an update as to what they found at that time.

Not to beat the cruise issue into the ground, I just think it may be helpful to someone to have this process start to finish in one post. Till Friday...
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