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Tree branch fell on my car and totaled it

Well my dandy little 190E is gone, back in August we had some frequent severe storms and as bad luck would have it I ended up being parked in the wrong place at the wrong time in a neighborhood with a lot of old growth. Massive Beech limb fell right on top of it Aug 9th. I was upset for quite a long time actually. Sorry no photos, should have taken some but I was too upset. I had just done a bit of work that I was satisfied with myself over and then it happened. Roof caved in, totaled. Adding insult to injury my 'hood lost power for 3 days straight. So all I could do was cry in the rain. And never again shall I find a car that good.

Ins co. gave me $1500 for it. What a joke. Replaced it with a 2002 BMW 325i which I kind of already regret. Gets me from A to B. It's made out of Tupperware however, compared to the MB. Already looking for a proper car again, I would have bought a proper replacement but there were none to be had that were any good and this Bimmer had been well maintained and had a 5sp trans so I told myself why not. Never again.

Still have my 300D however.
'02 BMW 325i
'85 300D 450k
'93 190E 2.6 170k(killed by tree)
'08 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S 6k
'06 Ducati S2R800 14k(sold)
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