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Hi Brian, why is it that you're biased? The difference between a good shop and a great shop isn't usually apparent until there's a significant amount of money involved. Every independant owner I know or worked for in the past always tried to do the right thing by the client, until the money got serious. The usual solution is that it's the part that's guaranteed, not the labor(unless it was a mistake made during the job). Not a week goes by that I don't hear a horror story from a client who was just trying to save some money on a repair by shopping around. I'd hate to see Albert become a victim this way, so in my professional opinion he should cut his losses and pay the piper, ONCE! I want to make it perfectly clear to all the members of this forum that I have a great deal of respect for independant shop owners and technicians. I'm not trying to put dealers in an exclusive club. However, I think Albert should consider the warranty terms as well as the cost of repairs. As usual, good luck
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