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With the respective cam lobe pointing up, there shouldn't be any free-play of the rocker arm. Remember, that's the whole idea! Inspect the cam lobes and rockers VERY carefully for wear. I seriously doubt turning the engine over on a stand allowed the element to collapse. There is a spring compressor made for this job by MB and it works great. I don't know if you can rent one, but maybe you could look at the tool at your local dealer. At least you'd know what it looks like and what else might work. It really makes no difference because you need to remove the rockers BEFORE you remove the camshaft so you've got to find a suitable in any event. You'll also need to find the guage to check correct pre-load of the element after you're done. It's simply a little doo-dad that fits over the rocker and checks installed height. If it's out-of-spec you can adjust it by changing the spacer that sits on top of the valve spring retainer. Do some research before-hand so you know what to expect. It's a very easy job as long as you're prepared. Good luck
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