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The rule of thumb is simple concerning new model MBs'. Obviously, the first year will have a few bugs ( or worse ) that need to be straightened out. MB begins correcting these problems as soon as they arise. They've done this with ML's( remote locking, gas guages ), 220 S-class (restricted evaporator lines), 203 C-class ( fuel pumps, engine control modules ), and the list goes on..... We're often notified of potential problems by MB before we have any customer complaints! In my experience it's the third model year that the cars start to get NICER. Plusher seats and door panels, as well as other small refinements that just add to the enjoyment of the car. And any of you who own 95'E320's, 91'126's, or 93 190e's, can testify to the fact that the last year of production yields the best of the entire line! Oops, I left out the 1985 300 Turbodiesels, sorry. I must say that the 96' E-class was pretty darn good right out of the box, but it too, only got better. The new E-class is having some minor teething pain, but nothing to lose any sleep over. I'm sure someday it too, will join the long list of it's predecessors that have made MB what it is today.
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