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I have been in this exact situation before and could not have slept at night unless I took care of the problem at no cost to my client. That meant eating the labor and the cost of a new drier.
I ventured out on my own because I was tired of seeing people getting screwed by the dealer and the inexperienced techs working there. If the owner of an independent is not willing to take the bad with the good, he is in the wrong business. I think most of the independents out there (at least the ones on this board) will do whatever it takes to give at the least, better service than the dealer.
I am biased because I am an independent and where as I dont have the fancy waiting room and the huge beautiful building that the dealer does(but I will), I have my name on every job that leaves my building. That means it was done right and if there is a problem, I am going to take care of it.
I understand what you were saying, but I would hate for anyone on this board to think that just because an independent doesnt have the finances and backing of a company like MB that the work is not warranted.I want the big jobs that others are scared of. I will do 140 evaps all day long and challenge anyone to find a screw in the wrong place or a piece of trim not seated right.
I'll get off of my soap box now.
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