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'86 560 SEL Purchase Advice

I am considering a purchase of a 'mint' '86 560 SEL on ebay. I have gotten awesome advice from this forum. Some of your advice kept me from buying what could have been a disaster about a month ago.

This car is flawless as near as I can tell. 84,000 miles and I believe it's the second owner. He hasn't replaced the timing chain or guides and the a/c is R12. Everything looks great otherwise, including a squeaky clean Carfax. Lots of pictures all looked good including wood panels around the shifter.

The seller listed a buy it now price of $6700 and a reserve price of $6500. I watched the auction end at $5800 and contacted the seller to see if he had taken that price. It's still for sale and I'm going to go look at it.

Kelley says private party price in excellent condition is $5975, Edmunds, $5240. If the car is as perfect as he claims, is it wise to pay as much as $6500? Does it bother anyone else that the car might have sat seeing as it has such low mileage?

Thanks for the help.
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