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I replaced the regulator in my 140 recently. Very easy job. Make sure you disconnect the battery first. My blower regulator was on top of the blower fan which is under a black panel on top of and behind the engine just in front of the wipers. There are several (6 to 8) large phillips screws which need to come out around the panel (do not mess with the small hex screws on top of the panel). A few of the screws do not pop right out at you - so look around the entire panel carefully and you will find them. Then lift the panel up just enough to access the fan, which is under the cabin air filter (remove), on the passenger side of the panel. The new regulator I received from fastlane (check around - fastlanes was less than half my dealer's price) came with a special cloth to remove the old heat sink and the new regulator came with heat sink on it. Install the new part by setting it on the fan and twisting it into place to spread the heat sink, fasten the two screws which hold it down and plug in the wires. Be careful not to drop the screws into the fan. Put it all back togather, hook up the battery, reset the radio and it took me about fifteen to twenty minutes to do.
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