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Question Dim Glow from Charging 'Idiot' Light

I've just recently noticed that at night, when the car is cold and lots of accesories (lights, blower, seat heaters) are on, the charging system light will glow very faintly. I'm not sure if this is something new or just something I haven't noticed before. It is so faint that I can only see it when there is very little outside lighting (no streetlights nor cars behind me). It seems to go away once the car is fully warmed up and it also doesn't seem to get any brighter (or dimmer) if I turn on or off additional electrical items.

Once things warm up a bit here in NJ (currently 19F at night and 28F during the day) I'll put a meter to the electrical system to check things out. I know that the battery should be 12V or more with the car off, but I don't recal what the readings should be with it idleing with no electrical load and with full electrical load.

Anyone have these numbers or other suggestions? Or is this perhaps somewhat normal and I've just recently noticed it?


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