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Originally Posted by derkbarrington View Post

I recently was given this car as trade for some parts. It ran on vegtable oil previously and after a radiator failure was sitting for some months before I got it. All the veggie oil equipment was on it and I have never heard this vehicle running.

After spending hours searching and reading forums I am stumped and decided to reach out to you to help me start this beast.

This is what I have done:

Removed all the veggie equipment, purchased a new fuel filter head, all new fuel lines including the rubber and copper seal for the return line banjo bolt, and seal for the shut off valve. Verified all the fuel lines are routed properly.

Installed a new fuel filter and seal, new pre filter and verified the o-ring is in place and sealing.

I verified the shut off valve is getting voltage when turning over around 10v and it clicks when the ignition is turned on. The battery is new.

There are no visible leaks from the delivery seals.

When I turn the engine over it sucks fuel from the tank, there are plenty of bubbles and once i stop cranking I can see fuel run back into the tank from the fuel heater to pre-filter line. Not a vacuum bubble.

I hooked up a vacuum pump to the fuel filter out to shut off valve and it struggled to pull fuel from the supply line but got fuel from the return line. It almost seems that the return line is bleeding off pressure?

Is the banjo bolt on the return line a valve? because upon inspection i could blow throught it with no problem? The return line is full of fuel and fuel is moving through it when cranking. Could this be my problem.

Also, I have determined 4 glow plugs are bad but thought I would cross this bridge after I get rid of the bubble bath in the fuel lines.

I intend to direct feed diesel through the prefilter to see if this make a difference..but I already have the ass end of the vehicle in the air.

Sorry to burden you with this for my first post...Help!
Bypassing the Fuel Tank is a good idea.

No burden; your problem and the solution to it are going to help someone else that has the same problem.

The Fuel Pressure Relief/Overflow Valve on you Fuel Injection Pump has a small hole some were in it to allow Air to bleed out of it. On the same token that would allow Fuel to go back the other direction.
However, take a good look inside. Some Members have had the Plastic parts inside of it go bad.

There is Valves inside of the Fuel Supply/Lift Pump that ought to prevent the Fuel inside of the Fuel Injection Pump Housing from moving Backwards.

When Fastlane was here they used to carry a Rebuild kit for the Lift Pump:
Anyone ever replace the valves in the fuel lift pump?

606 Fuel Supply Pump Rebuild

Also if you have a Fuel Heater the Seals in that have been know to go bad.

See if the Fuel still goes backwards when the Fuel Fill Cap is off.
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