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MB DOC, I was at my local Mercedes-Benz dealer today. I was looking under the hood of a 02 C320 and 02 ML55. Guess what? No fan attached to the engine. I then went to the used car lot and asked a buddy to let me see under the hood of a 99 E320 and - NO FAN.

This is the strange part - when I went to Mercedes Dealer Parts last week to get prices and part numbers for the fan the guy gives me a listing for fan and fan clutch and all the bolts. He need the VIN which I did not have - so maybe some 1999 model have 'mechanical' fan attached to the engine and other (newer) have electrical fan not coupled to the engine.

Here are the part numbers I received:

112-200-01-22 Fan Drive
112-200-01-23 Fan

E430 and E55 have a fan attached to the engine but the ML55 did not.
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