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Well I did a some troubleshooting over my lunch break.

1. I removed the pressure relief valve banjo bolt on the IP. I can blow through it? Does that mean it is defective? stuck open?

upon removal a considerable amount of diesel came out of the bolt hole... maybe a cup or two... Is this normal? And where does this fuel come from, the port on the back of the shut off valve or behind the lift pump.

2. I noticed as soon as I disconneted the return line banjo bolt, fuel line #32 (fuel heater to prefilter) filled right up. I don't think the tank strainer is the problem as fuel flows by gravity with no issue.

3. I then disconnected fuel line #83 from the lift pump and connected a vacuum pump to the lift pump. I expected to draw fuel through the lift pump, shutoff valve (line 74) and then the prefilter (line 56). No go I sucked air. I thought the you could draw fuel through the shutoff when not powered up.. was I wrong? It almost seemed like I was sucking fuel from behind the lift pump...could this be the problem?

Enough questions.... next time I'll post pictures of my project car... I warn you its in rough shape motor and body .... but now I need to get it running for the challenge.
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